Siobhan Richards

Iíve danced most of my life (ballet, jazz, modern dance), but when I discovered Argentine tango in 1999 I realised that it was the dance for me. I love the subtlety of the wordless communication with my dance partner, and Iím a total junkie for classic tango music. I continue to learn with a broad range of tango maestros, some famous, some less so, and I see learning tango as a life-long process.

Iím most at home dancing and teaching salon tango, danced in a close embrace, with a strong focus on musicality. I prefer to teach material that is really danceable, stuff you can immediately put to use in a salon, and which is focussed on a responsive connection between leader and follower. My lessons focus on quality of movement, sound basic technique, musicality, and the balance of play within the dance pair. Years of bodywork have influenced my teaching methods, and I believe in working with respect for your body, relaxing into rather than forcing movements, grounding and centering rather than taking up an artificial or stiff posture.

I love to DJ and enjoy building up the energy and flow on a dancefloor. Iím happiest playing a classic set structured in the traditional way in tandas with cortinas.

Oliver Kruse-Dougherty

When we set up our dance school for Argentine tango we hoped that we would be teaching together into our golden years. Since then Fate has taken a hand and Oliver has stopped teaching because of a rare illness. Although he has started to recover it is a slow and uncertain process.

Before he became ill Oliver was long involved in tango. Taught by one of the bestĖloved Argentine teachers, Pepito, he gave lessons himself for more than 15 years in Germany and the Netherlands, set up his own tango studio, broadcast for Radio Tango, and developed a oneĖman show based on a story by Borges.

Although he cannot teach at the moment, he is still sought after as an inspired tango DJ, and to give lectures about the history of tango music and dance. Exceptionally he gives private lessons.

In the meantime Siobhan has continued to teach, working with different dance partners. She works regularly with Michael Lavocah, and occasionally with other partners