Siobhan Richards

I grew up in Scotland where I lived and worked until 2006 before moving to the Netherlands. Although I studied Fine Art, informally I've studied dance most of my life (ballet, jazz, modern dance). I started learning Argentine tango in 2000, and I have been teaching and DJ-ing since 2007.

From the first lessons I fell in love with this dance and with the music: I love the subtlety of the wordless communication with my dance partner, the possibility to connect on many levels; and I love the range of emotions that the music leads us through. Tango changed my life for the better, and I see it changing the lives of my friends and students too. I continue to learn and to be inspired by a broad range of tango maestros, and I see learning tango as a life-long process.

Alongside the dance I also trained briefly as a yoga teacher and I'm qualified as a body psychotherapist. Both have influenced my teaching, and I believe in working with respect for your body, relaxing into rather than forcing movements, learning to ground and centre as a means of moving with ease and grace.

I'm most at home dancing and teaching tango de salon, danced in a close embrace, with a strong focus on musicality. I teach a repertoire that is danceable, ready to put to use in a salon, and which is based on a responsive connection between leader and follower. My lessons focus on quality of movement, effective basic technique, musicality, and the balance of play within the dance pair.

Since Oliver fell ill I have continued to teach around Europe. I run a school for Argentine Tango in our hometown Gouda, and I teach regularly in a number of tango communities throughout the year. You'll find our programme in Gouda on the lessons page, and a schedule of my work teaching and DJ-ing elsewhere on the agenda page.

As a tango DJ I'm known for my sensitivity, my ability to tune in to what's happening on the dancefloor and to choose music which supports a good flow in the ronda, and which touches on the many moods I feel amongst the dancers. I play 100% traditional tango, with a strong focus on the Golden Age years, structured in the traditional way in tandas with cortinas.

Oliver Kruse-Dougherty

Oliver was born in Montreal but grew up in Hamburg and Stuttgart. He trained as an actor and worked as an actor and theatre director before he discovered Argentine tango. Taught by one of the best-loved Argentine teachers, Pepito, he gave lessons himself for more than 15 years in Germany and the Netherlands, set up his own tango studio, broadcast a Radio Tango programme, and developed a one-man show based on a story by Borges.

When we set up our dance school for Argentine tango we hoped that we would be teaching together into our golden years. Since then Fate has taken a hand and Oliver has stopped teaching because of a rare illness. Although he has started to recover it is a slow and uncertain process.

Although he cannot teach at the moment, he is still sought after as an inspired tango DJ, and to give lectures about the history of tango music and dance. Exceptionally he gives private lessons.

Radio Tango has been revived and he broadcasts a weekly programme devoted to music from the Golden Age of tango on Monday evenings via Gouwestadt Radio. You can listen to his programme online by clicking on the "luister live" button at this link. The programme is sent out live at 10pm on Mondays and repeated at 4pm on Fridays. After that it's possible to catch up with missed programmes by clicking on the "uitzending gemist" button on the Radio Tango page.

As a DJ with more than 20 years experience he is known for his ability to create a great atmosphere, to keep the energy and enthusiasm of the dancers flowing, and for finding highlights which surprise and delight each time. He DJ's a traditional set with plenty of variety and strong contrasts and has that magician's knack of guessing what the dancers need throughout an evening's dancing.